Action Plan: Why

Action Plan: Why

Now that you know how to make an action plan, why would you bother making one? As mentioned in previous posts, this will help give you motivation to take action and set goals into motion. Imagine if you didn’t have one. What would your next step be after setting goals? When will you do it and how? The action plan will give you all the answers to these questions. The schedule in your action plan will give you direction and will tell you what you need to do and for how long you’ll spend your time doing so.

As you can see, the action plan for achieving goals is very important thus you must make your action plan with care. You need to thoroughly think of the tasks and schedule them accordingly making sure to set it with appropriate and enough time so that time is used efficiently.

Action Plan: How To

Action Plan: How to

Here we are! Here’s what you’ve been waiting for. How do you make an action plan? Details on how to make one and how it’ll work for your set goals will be discussed in this article.

Alright, let’s get on with it.

Basically, since it’s an action plan, this will be filled with items that you will do to set your goals and objectives into motion. So the first thing that you will have to focus on doing is to find out what are the tasks that need to be completed to achieve your goal. What are the steps that you need to take? Write them all down in chronological order and make sure to be specific. To make it easier, list down the major stages or chapters that need to be covered then focus on writing the necessary steps for each stage. Once done with that, next, write a schedule beside each item. This would be the date and time you’d like to have completed the tasks. And then, that’s it! It’s that simple. All that’s left to do now is to conduct a quick review of the action plan you made so that you can see if there’s anything you’d like to modify. Make the changes if there are any and then you’re done and ready to start achieving goals!

Goal Setting: Action Plan is a To Do List?

You were probably expecting an article on how to make an action plan as that was what I sort of promised last time. But let’s cover all the details and definitions first before we get to actually making one. So I’m sorry. The How to article will be for next time. That’s okay, though. No need to get disheartened. This article will give light to a notion that you probably have about an action plan. This notion is that an action plan is similar to a to do list or that it is a to do list.

Goal Setting: Action Plan is a To Do List?

Well, no. It’s not and it’s in no way similar to one. Yes, an action plan for achieving goals is a list of items that you need to accomplish but it’s different from a to-do list in that an action plan is geared toward one goal. All the items on the list are for the completion of one set goal. A to-do list is often a list of tasks that need to be done but they are just a collection of tasks that may lead to several goals for the day or for none at all since some are most likely just daily recurring tasks. Also, most often than not, a to-do list does not have a schedule or does not have a time element attached to it. Well, that’s commonly how it is and it may be different for you if you’re the type who places deadlines beside each item.

So there. Is that clear now? I hope so. And if the distinction was already clear enough in the first place, I hope I didn’t make it confusing for you. I promise, the next article will be on how to make an action plan to achieve life goals.

Action Plan for Goal Setting

Action Plan for Goal Setting

One of the things that make goal setting successful is making an action plan. It’s basically a list of things you need to do to achieve your goal. These items each have a corresponding schedule of when you’re going to do it. The reason why it’s important to do this is because it will help in giving you that push to action. Goals and objectives cannot be achieved if there’s no action and creating a schedule will give you that because then you’d have no other choice but to stick to your schedule else it would’ve been useless to have spent your time creating one. To find out how to make an action plan for your set goals, tune in next time.

Personalized Goal Setting Worksheet

Personalized Goal Setting Worksheet

The goal setting worksheet was previously mentioned in one of the posts in this blog and it was said that it can be acquired from the Goal Setting Worksheet website. While you can get your own copy, you can actually make your own worksheet. This is a good option because then you can customize it according to your set goals. That is, if the worksheet that you acquired isn’t exactly compatible or fitting with your target, then make the necessary changes to make it the perfect worksheet for your life goal. You need to make it perfect because the worksheet, though just a piece of paper, will be your guide and your basis when you set out to actually achieve your goal.

Goal Setting: More Reminders

Last time we talked about setting resolutions for the upcoming new year and we gave you a set of reminders about setting goals. Here’s the second part to that article.

Goal Setting: More Reminders

Aside from your goal being a personal choice and it being specific and realistic, you also might want to pick out a target life goal that will give a positive change to your life once achieved and even while you’re still working on it. The reason is because you want the after effect it has on you. Wouldn’t you want to work on something that will actually affect you positively? If it doesn’t really have any effect on you, after finishing it it would be like having done nothing. So ideally you want something that will change your life or make it better. You can choose a personal goal that will maintain a good thing that you’ve already been working on for some time now, but that’s your call.

Reminders for Goal Setting

Reminders for Goal Setting

Whenever New Year is just around the corner, most people start asking each other about their resolutions. It seems like everyone expects themselves and everyone else around them to do something for a change. Perhaps because it’s a new year and it’s a great time to turn over a new leaf or to start something new. Now, that time of the year is still quite a long way to go but if you don’t have one yet, a resolution that you’d like to set, then here are a few things to remember about setting goals:

1. Your goal must be what you want. This means that no one else asked you to do this but you yourself. Hence, it must be a personal goal.
2. Your goal must be realistic and specific. Define your goal and narrow it down to the minute details. Also, it must be something that can actually be accomplished. Don’t set goals that can only be achieved in another plane.

That’s all for now. See you next time for more reminders about goal setting.

Goal Setting: Why

Goal Setting: Why

Why would you want to set goals? Setting goals has a big effect to your life. Whether it be personal, life, or career goals, giving yourself a target helps give you an idea of what you’re going to do with your life. You’ll be able to know which decisions to make and which path to take whenever you end up in crossroads. By giving yourself an objective, you give purpose as well as direction to your life. Imagine what life would be like if you didn’t have goals and objectives. You’d be wandering aimlessly and you’d have difficulty deciding what to do and what to aim for.

So, if you’re feeling a bit lost lately, perhaps this is what you need, a goal. What are you waiting for? Start thinking about what you want with your life in the next five to ten years and start goal setting.

A Tip on Goal Setting: Goals that Change

A Tip on Goal Setting: Goals that Change

It makes sense to say that your set goals should be those that will make a change in your life. Why set a goal if it’s not going to have an effect on your life, right? So, if you are just starting out with goal setting, choose a goal that will change something in you or your life in general. It can be a small or big change, either way it did something and that’s what you want. Of course, it has to be positive.

I’m not saying setting goals should only be on that level. You can choose targets that don’t change but rather keep something going at the same rate such as maintaining a certain weight. Setting a goal like this is effective as a follow up goal to a newly achieved one.
Which means that you start with a goal that gives change then follow it up with a goal that maintains.

A Goal Setterโ€™s Guide to Working at Home

A goal setter who is actively achieving goals or anyone, for that matter, is bound to perform some measures in order to make use of time efficiently. One of these is bringing work home. This is especially true if there are deadlines to meet and there are projects that need to be completed soon. If you want to keep going at your career goals, you most likely donโ€™t have any choice in the matter even more so if you are also packed with things to do at work.

A Goal Setter's Guide to Working at Home

Now, if this is really inevitable, here are things that you can do at home to prepare a proper working environment which will greatly help in making you productive. You need to make sure that you have a table and chair. As much as possible, your chair must have a back so that proper seating position is observed while you burn your candle. Then, your table must be clean and has no clutter on it. If youโ€™re going to work on the kitchen table, rid it of all items that are usually there such as condiments. Another thing to consider is your environment. It should be quiet or has minimal noise. Additionally, it should be uncluttered or organized so that what you see beyond your table is at least pleasant to the eyes.

Basically, these are the things that you need to prepare for when you decide to do some work at home. It could be that youโ€™ll do this quite more often since you set goals in addition to having a busy schedule, so as you go along, try to find a permanent place for you to work on.

A Tip on Goal Setting: Choosing Goals

A Tip on Goal Setting: Choosing Goals

When you want to start achieving goals, the first thing you need to do is to decide on a goal to set. During this process, carefully choose a goal that you know you can achieve considering your skills and capabilities. Also, take note to choose one that you truly want to attain. Make sure that the goal you are about to set is not something that others want you to do but rather something that you want personally.

By setting goals that you don’t really want personally you only give yourself a hard time. You’ll have difficulty finding motivation to push on until the finish line whereas if it were really your desire, then you won’t need to try so hard to motivate and cheer yourself on.

Good luck goal setting and make sure to take this tip in consideration! ๐Ÿ˜‰

A Tip on Goal Setting: Goals Exercise

Here’s an exercise that you can do once you’ve covered the first important stages in setting goals. If you’re already in the stage where you’re already starting to do the first few tasks that you’ve scheduled, then this exercise is perfect for you and you should try it as soon as possible.

A Tip on Goal Setting: Goals Exercise

Basically, what you want to do is to say your goal out loud. Say it like a chant but you don’t have to say it with rhythm although if you prefer it that way, do so. When you say your goal, say it while thinking of the reason why you’re achieving goals as well as the determination that you will indeed make this happen. When do you say this? You can do this at the start of your day or any time you feel like your life goals are becoming farther and farther away from getting conquered.

A Tip on Goal Setting: Goals

A Tip on Goal Setting: Goals

The main thing that you want to do when you want to start achieving goals is to set a goal. That is, you need to first identify what you want to aim for. Depending on your preferences it can be a personal goal, a life goal, or a career goal.

What is a personal goal? Basically it’s one that you want personally and it’s largely selfish. Buying your own car would be an example. A life goal on the other hand is one that you’ve always dreamed of having or having done in the course of your life. As for career goals, these are goals that are mainly career based. That is, it can be learning a new skill that will help in boosting up your career or getting to a certain position in your profession of choice.

Now, whichever type of goal it is, what you want to do when you set goals is to make it specific. Make sure all the tiny little details are there so that achieving it will be easier. A specific goal is clear and easier to plan out for compared to a broad one.

Good luck setting goals! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mistakes in Goal Setting: Forgive Yourself

Recently made a mistake in your journey to achieving goals? Here’s something that you can do that will surely help you get back on your feet and succeed in achieving your set goals.

Mistakes in Goal Setting: Forgive Yourself

For every mistake you make, surely you blame yourself, even just a little bit, for doing something you shouldn’t have. Now, even though it’s just a little bit of blame, that still has a lot of effect on your confidence. To avoid this from affecting you gravely, forgive yourself. Tell yourself that’s absolutely alright to have made a mistake. Everything will turn out alright in the end. You can fix it. Also, just treat this situation as a learning experience. After all, the only way you can totally avoid mistakes in goal setting is to experience it firsthand.

A Tip on Goal Setting: Problems

When you are actively achieving goals and you encounter numerous problems along the way, donโ€™t lose hope right away. Having problems doesnโ€™t necessarily mean youโ€™re going the wrong way. It just means that your set goals are particularly difficult to complete. Another reason could be that you need to review your master plan to see if you made a mistake somewhere or that something needs to be changed so that these problems can be prevented from happening again.

A Tip on Goal Setting: Problems

Now, when you deal with problems, try to look at it in a positive manner. Treat it as a learning experience and always remember that in order to avoid mistakes, you have to experience it first.

More tips on goal setting on the next post!

Goal Setting for Personal Goals

If you work in an office, you’ve probably encountered goal setting. You might have come across it during training or your boss has mentioned it several times. Now this organizational goal setting strategy can also be applied in your personal life.

Goal Setting for Personal Goals

The goal that is often mentioned in this type of strategy is one that you’ll want to accomplish in 1 to about three years. That’s a big goal to set, right? It is but there is a way to achieving goals like this in a more realistic manner. The key here is to break it down into smaller tasks Once you achieve one, you’ll be some percent closer to achieving the whole thing. Now if this were in the workplace, your boss would assign different tasks to the people in charge of a certain task that will help in achieving the overall goal of your company.

Check out the article on this topic in the Goal Setting Workshop blog for a more in depth explanation on how you’ll apply this to your personal goals.

Troubles in Setting Goals

What do you do if you realize that the you no longer want to pursue your current set goals? Do you really stop? Maybe. First of all, you need to stop whatever you’re doing and self reflect. Why do you need to do this? The reason is so that you will find out your true feelings and if what you’re feeling is indeed what you want to happen.

Troubles in Setting Goals

Basically, during the self reflection, what you want to find out are your feelings and what you really want to happen with your life. So, ask yourself the appropriate questions. Then, write them down on paper so that you can conduct a proper review. Then, write down several reasons why achieving goals, your current goals, is not what you want to do right now. Also, write down what will happen if you stop. Essentially pros and cons.

Once you’re done with that, the next step is to thoroughly examine the items you’ve written. If you feel that stopping seems to be better, then hold on to that decision for a while. Consult a friend and ask if your current life goals are worth the wait or worth ending right now. If you get a yes, then perhaps it’s right to stop. If not, and you feel the same, then don’t stop and just focus on giving yourself motivation to keep pushing forward.

Using Music in Goal Setting

Finding it difficult to do the tasks you need to do for your set goalsdue to a bad mood or lack of energy? Here’s a quick solution to your problem.

Using Music in Goal Setting

Listen to music. You can listen to just one single song over and over again or several selected songs that give you happiness, joy, and a jolt of energy that is enough to drive you to do what you need to do for the sake of achieving goals. You can play this using a music player, your computer, or your mobile phone.

To learn how to select a song and what are the things needed to complete this solution, tune in next time for another update on goal setting.

Goal Setting: A Tip on Stress

Goal Setting: A tip on Stress

In achieving goals, it cannot be avoided that one gets stressed. How do you deal with this? Here’s a nice tip that is especially applicable for people with pets such as cats and dogs.

Basically, when you feel stressed and you feel like you can’t handle it anymore, take a break from whatever you’re doing or once you get home, spend some time with your pet. Let loose and ruffle your pet’s fur. Play with it, snuggle with it, whatever. Just spend some quality happy time with him or her and guaranteed, after a few minutes of just doing this, you’ll be happier. In fact, you might not even feel the stress anymore.

If you don’t have a pet at home, then what you can do is go find yourself a dog or cat to pet. And I don’t mean you should casually pet someone else’s dog. Make sure to ask permission first and make sure the owner and the pet is okay with it. You could go to dog parks or to pet stores or pet cafes.

You see, the stress in goal setting is something inevitable so being able to pet a furry and warm animal such as a dog will really help you relax. It is a fact, after all, that dogs are therapeutic.

Tune in next time for more articles on setting goals.

Making Time for Yourself while Goal Setting

Making Time for Yourself while Goal Setting

Achieving goals is not an easy thing to do and often, this comes with becoming busy and unable to make time for yourself. How do you spare some time for your self? The easiest way to do this is to let this alone time be either at the start of the day or at the end. That is, you do it as soon as you wake up or before you sleep at night.

The amount of time that youโ€™ll do this should be from 15 minutes to a maximum of an hour. The reason for this is so that you wonโ€™t be spending too much time on this and end up lacking the required time for setting goals. Additionally, activities for this should give you happiness and a good mood to complete the tasks that are scheduled for achieving your life or career goals.

Goal Setting: Things to Face

What are the things that you have to face and deal with when you are trying to achieve your life goals?

Goal Setting: Things to Face
Time. Life is short and what makes it short is time even though time is an unending element. Why does it do this? Because time never stops, and you, as a human being, can’t go on doing something without taking a break once in a while.

Problems. These are the trials and challenges that you’ll encounter in achieving goals. Some are easy to solve, others are particularly difficult and you might need the help of the people around you to deal with it.

People. Whether you like it or not, you will cross paths with people that may not be on your good side. These encounters will help you become a better person so make sure to keep an open mind when faced with this.

Yourself. Yes. You. Examples are your attitude, your ideals, your beliefs, your personality, and others. When facing yourself, it’s a sign for personal growth, so try not to be stubborn about change and such especially when it calls for easier goal setting.

Set Goal: Travel

To travel the world is probably the most common dream of most people. Despite that, not all people know how to efficiently use the goal setting process in this aspiration. Here’s a quick guide on what to do and what not to do.

Set Goal: Travel

First, in achieving goals such as this, employ the goal setting process when you are considering on traveling somewhere. Make use of planning and scheduling for the major parts. That is, plan out when you’re going to do this, where, and how you’re going to get to that certain place. As for scheduling, decide the things you’re going to do in your travel and note specific time spans for each activity. Make sure though, to allot a lot of time for each major activity such as site seeing as it would spoil the fun if you’ll only schedule a really short time for it such as 10 minutes.

For the planning phase of setting goals, make sure to just make rough notes of the things that you can do in your chosen travel spot. You don’t need to be specific about what things you’ll accomplish since it is travel and it needs to be enjoyed by being in the moment rather than having many sites seen.

Focusing with a Shower

This next tip for attaining more focus in goal settingapplies before you start your day or at the end of the day before you start doing what you need to do at home. Basically, you just need to take a shower. Take a good nice relaxing bath. This will help remove all your stressed and will help reenergize you.

Focusing with a Shower

You know what I mean, right? Remember that nice feeling you get after taking a nice hot shower? Well, you probably feel a bit sleepy but if you end your shower with a quick splash of cold water, you’ll be awake and pumped up to do some work. So if you wake up or reach home particularly sleepy and tired, hit the shower and start with warm water. Then, after rinsing, change to cold water and just bask in it for a few seconds. Surely, after that, you’ll be ready to work on whatever it is that you need to do for the sake of achieving goals.

More to come on another topic about setting goals.




Energized to Focus in Goal Setting

Another tip to get the focus that you need for setting goals is to be energized. In order to do that you can either eat or take some rest. If you can, do both.

Energized to Focus in Goal Setting

You need to do this because working on an empty stomach is not good and will not give you full focus as you’ll be thinking of food and how hungry you are. In addition to that, you’ll be hungry that means you’ll have low energy and your brain won’t function well in that state. So take a snack or eat a full meal before you start working. As for sleep, in achieving goals, a lot of energy is dispensed so you need to ensure that you sleep well the night before you want to start working on something major and important. The suggested sleep you should have is at least 6-8 straight hours of undisturbed sleep.

So there you go. Are there more tips for achieving focus in goal setting? Yes there are! Tune in again next time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Focusing in Goal setting

Focus is one of the challenges that you’ll encounter when you decide to actively start achieving goals and dreams. I say this because there are so many things that can distract you. It can be your environment, the people around you, your mind, or the things in your computer.

Focusing in Goal Setting

For now, let’s focus on one distraction and the corresponding way on how to focus with that distraction in mind. Alright, let’s start with your environment. This is probably one of the first things that you want to fix before you start doing your work. Essentially, the desired and healthy place to work on is a clean and relatively silent work area. That means that your immediate surrounding, your desk and your office, should be clean or at least organized. Clutter is a big no no. In addition to that, it needs to be silent. That means, no unnecessary noise such as chit chat from coworkers or loud music. Focus is difficult to attain when you hear other people talking. So, try to keep out people from your workplace by putting a sign on your door that you shouldn’t be disturbed. It’s okay to do this since they know that you’re busy so they should understand. After all, they have similar set goals as you do, so they can most likely relate.

There you go. Keep it clean and keep it silent. On the next issue, we will discuss another distraction that makes it difficult to focus in goal setting. What it is is a secret. You have to read the next one to find out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Goal Setting: Feeling Bad Part 3

Why should you not engage in solving your problem if you’re not yet ready? Well, it’s precisely because you’re not ready. If you’re not ready, then you’re not willing to do it. That means that you’d be doing it half heartedly and that would result to a mediocre solution which may not be enough to deal with the problem at hand. You don’t want that, right? If that happens, then you’d still go back to trying to solve this little hick that you encountered in actively achieving goals. Or, if you’re unlucky, it could even make the problem worse. I’m sure you get the point.

Goal Setting: Feeling Bad Part 3

So then, what’s the next step to this process? Basically, all you need to do now is to think of a solution to your problem. If you find several, list them down and contemplate on which ones sound more logical for your problem and your set goals. If you can’t decide, call a friend and ask for their opinion. Then, once that’s decided, just go ahead and apply it. If it works, then good for you. If it doesn’t, try the other one.

Well then, good luck! ๐Ÿ˜€

Tune in next time for another tip on goal setting! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Goal Setting: Feeling Bad Part 2

Now that you know the reason why you have a problem in goal setting and you’re feeling bad, the next step is to think of a way to cheer yourself up. You can give yourself some words of encouragement or you can do things that you love to do. You can also contact friends or family members and go out with them so that you’re mood will be lifted.

Goal Setting: Feeling Bad Part 2

Now, as soon as you feel better ask yourself if you are ready to face your problem and possibly fix your mistake. If you are, then it’s time for you to think of a solution to put things back together. For a great solution, first inform yourself by researching on your problem. You can get valuable info from your friends, from books, or from websites online that have articles and tips on how to deal with whatever you’re going through. Achieving goals is a difficult process and if your problem is something related to it, then you can most likely find several sources about it since actively pursuing life goals is a well blogged topic.

What if you’re not ready? Then don’t engage in problem solving just yet. It will be bad if you suddenly immerse yourself in this complex process. For a deeper explanation on this as well as the next step to problem solving, read the next issue! ๐Ÿ™‚

Goal Setting: Feeling Bad

In life, we experience both fun and not so fun times whether we’re actively achieving goals or not. So when you’re trying to pursue your set goals and you’re in a not so fun situation, you also get a negative feeling and it can be sadness, worry, or despair. Whichever it is, here are the things that I suggest you do in order to get over this bad feeling.

Goal Setting: Feeling Bad

First, as with all things, feel it. Be in that situation and feel that emotion. If you should feel happiness, then you should do the same for negative emotions. The reason is so that you will better understand what it’s like. In addition to that, you will also gain a better understanding of the more positive emotions if you get what it’s like to feel sadness, despair, or worry.

Next, find out why it happened. Search through your journal if you have one, or try to remember what you did and sort of rewind what happened in your mind. Once you found the reason why it happened, you can proceed to the next step.

And the next step is…it will be revealed on the next update of Goal Setting: Feeling Bad! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Procrastination in Goal Setting

How do you manage your time doing all the regular things that you do on a daily basis in addition to the bonus tasks for your set goals? This is especially hard if you are one who is easily distracted. Hence, you end up spending more time battling procrastination than actually getting things done. So how do you do it?

An advice that was previously mentioned in this blog was to spend some time doing that thing that you do for procrastination and then do all your tasks after that. Well, it works for me sometimes but other times it doesn’t. Now what? There’s another method. Relax. You could give yourself a time limit to do these unnecessary activities. The most you can give it is an hour and make sure to set an alarm for it so you can keep track of your time. Then, after that, don’t ever, and I mean EVER, go back to doing that procrastination activity until you’ve actually finished your goals and objectives for the day.

It will be difficult to perfectly stick to your time limit the first time you do this, but that’s okay. That’s a normal reaction. So chill and give it a second, third, fourth, even a fifth chance. If that still doesn’t work, check out the next article for another tip on the ever strong enemy of goal setting, procrastination. ๐Ÿ˜‰

How to Delegate in Setting Goals

How do you delegate in goal setting? Just to make it clear to you, the goal here is something common to you and the people you can delegate the tasks to. That is, it can be a project, a group homework, or a deadline to meet for tasks in the office. So how do you delegate?

Since the people around you are also achieving goals that are similar to yours, they will be more than willing to accept the task that will be given to them most especially if they are particularly skilled in that area. Keeping that in mind, try to assign tasks that are appropriate to the person’s skills and abilities. Or if not, they should at least have the willingness and confidence to deliver what is needed at the specified day or time of submission. That means that you need to analyze first what things need to be done. Then, distribute these according to what your colleagues can do. Also, once you assign them tasks, take some time to ask them if they are comfortable with it. It’s important that you get a response from them regarding this matter because you need to know if you can trust them fully with it or if you need to guide him or ask someone to help him out.

With delegation, you have the responsibility to follow up on the tasks that you colleagues are working on. This isn’t to nag but to make sure that they are doing it and so that they can ask you if they need help with it or not.

There you go! Delegating in setting goals is basically easy to do but the challenge is assigning the right tasks to the right people. Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜€

Goal Setting: Managing Time

Being able to manage your time well when you are actively pursuing life goals is a challenge. The main reason is probably because time is fleeting. Have you ever felt that time runs too fast when you’re doing something and it’s just the opposite when you’re not doing anything? That is why when you are achieving goals, time seems to be constantly at your heels. You always need to hurry up just to finish your set goals for the day or for the week. To be able to cope with this, you need to employ an effective time management technique that will suit you and your goal.

Keep posted for more articles about time management. ๐Ÿ˜€

Worries in Goal Setting

It cannot be helped that in life, we encounter worries that hinder our sleeping time. This is also experienced by a goal setter if he is actively trying to achieve his goals in life. In this case, worries may be due to uncertainties with attaining the goal, completing tasks, or solving a particularly new problem. What should you do if it takes you longer to sleep now because of these worries?

There are basically two things that you can employ. One of these is relaxation. It is suggested to do this before you hit the sack so that you will already have a clear and relaxed mind before you actually sleep. That way, you won’t be able to think of your worries in achieving goals anymore. Now, how do you do this?

There are various ways to do relaxation but the most common method is to start with breathing. If you do yoga, you can do that as well since it does provide a lot of relaxation and calmness. Now, for the breathing exercise, first you need to be in a comfortable position. It can be sitting or lying down as long as your limbs and body parts are spread open and not exerting any effort to be in its position. Also, make sure not to overlap body parts so that there won’t be any tention. Then, once you’ve got the position down, you now need to focus on breathing. It’s basically just deep inhale, 10 second pause, deep exhale. Do this for about five minutes. If you want some variety and to make it more effective, while breathing, you could think of a nice calm place such as on a mountain peak. Then, imagine yourself being in that place and think about what it would feel like if you were there. Once you’ve thought about what you and your body would feel being there, take a last round of breathing, open your eyes, and go to bed.

Tune in next time for the second thing that you can do to be rid of too much worries in the goal setting process.

Goal Setting: For Parents

Parenting is one of the challenges of adults who wish to start a family. Goal setting is one of the things that can help in making their lives easier especially since now, they need to take care of, not just themselves, but also their children. Where can they use the process for setting goals?

Well, for various things, actually. They can use it for planning vacations with their children since it’s particularly difficult to actually have a vacation at this time as both parents are most likely working and they might not have all the money in the world to spend for a vacation for more than two people. So, they’ll need the goal setting process for this, particularly in planning the vacation itself as well as saving money for the expenses that will be incurred in the trip.

Now that we mention saving, goal setting can also be used for saving in the setting of a family. It can be for a house plan, an educational plan, and the likes. Saving is one of the not-so-easy things to do when you are spending on a lot of necessary things so a process that is crisp and detailed such as goal setting workshop or tools like a goal setting worksheet would be really helpful.

Goal Setting Tool: Motivation

Previously we mentioned a way to make goal setting easier. The mentioned and the others that will be mentioned in later articles are what you call goal setting tools. If you have all of them, it is guaranteed that you will have a far easier time compared to having just one or none at all. So what are the other tools in setting goals?

For now, let’s talk about the tool motivation which you need for all your set goals. This is essential because this is what will keep you heading forward to the finish line. Motivation can be in the form of your reason for starting the goal in the first place such as what you’ll get at the end. It can also be to do something for someone or for yourself. Motivation can also be from other people such as your friends, special people in your heart, your family, or from mentors.

Making Goal Setting Easy

If this is your first time to encounter goal setting, then I must tell you the cold hard truth. It is not easy. But not to worry, there are things that you can do to make it less difficult. One of the things that makes goal setting easy to do is information. Hence, you need to arm yourself with lots and lots of info regarding setting goals. That means you need every little thing that you can find, from what is good about it to what is bad about it. You want to be able to know the two sides so you can get an idea of what to expect and especially what to prepare for. Knowing a lot about it can also help you device a way to make it easier or to cope with particularly difficult situations. You get to plan ahead and perform precautionary measures that are necessary to avoid getting mixed up with common problems in goals setting.

Learning in Goal Setting

Another thing that you learn in goal setting is organizing. You learn to organize things at the start of the process where you are going to decide and pick your goals and objectives. You also learn it all throughout the process. You organize your thoughts, you organize your schedule and the things that you need to do, you organize which things are important and not, and finally, you organize your life by setting a schedule and following it to keep track of your goals.

Learning in Goal Setting

There are so many thing that you can learn from goal setting and along with it is learning about your set goals. That is, if you were able to achieve this certain goal, then you will have learned something about it like what to do to achieve it as well as what not to do to avoid problems.

In essence, you learn different things in goal setting because the goals you set are different too. In order to properly recognize that you did learn something you just have to be more particular about exactly how you were before and how you were after achieving the goal. The difference is what you learned.

Discipline in Goal Setting

One other thing that you learn in goal setting is discipline. You can get this from strictly following your schedule and avoiding temptations to procrastinate or do other things that will not help in achieving your set goals. This discipline will be tested all the time especially when you are not used to following a schedule or it’s your first time to even have one.

Discipline in Goal Setting

In order to have this, make sure to give yourself some time off. Designate time to relax in your schedule so that you won’t need to procrastinate or do other things since there’s a relaxation time waiting for you sometime in the week. This then will make you more disciplined to actually follow the schedule.

More to come about things you learn in setting goals on the next update! ^_^

Goal Setting: What you Learn

In anything and everything that we do, there is always learning involved. So in goal setting, what do you get out of it aside from achieving goals and dreams and learning how to set goals?

Goal Setting: What you Learn
One of many is the idea that things can be done. You will see the power of action and learn that things happen the way you want if you make it happen. This is one of the very imporant things that you should learn because it will instill the idea to you that things are indeed possible. Thus, you will learn to make the first move and not be afraid to take the risk of making the first step in a journey who’s outcome is yet to be uncovered.

Other things you can learn will be discussed in great detail on the coming posts.

Self Check: Second Half

Previously, we talked about the first half of the self check activity that you should do just to know where you are and where you are going. Now, here’s the second half!

Self Check: Second Half

We left off with you writing down the time element of your unset but soon to be set goals. So now, the next thing to do is decide which one you want to do first. With the time element, you can see which ones you wish to have first, but on this next step, decide for real among the unset goals. Arrange them in order and ask yourself if you are positive that the first one on the list is the one you’d like to set and the one you’d like to have first. Once you’re settled on that, begin with the first thing to do on the goal setting process and so on.

Basically that’s it. If you performed the self check and you’ve gotten all the things you’ve wanted, your life goals and career goals, congratulations! Now it’s time for you to set a new goal! Yes, it never ends. Achieving and doing something with your life should never end because life is short and you don’t want to regret not doing something when you had the time, right? Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Self Check

How have you been lately? Have you achieved any goal recently? How far along are you from attaining the life that you want? In order to find out the answers to these questions, here’s a quick activity you can do to perform a self check.

Self Check

The steps are simple. First, get yourself a notebook and pen. Now, on that sheet of paper, write at the top most, centered and preferrably in big capital letters, “MY GOALS“. You could even put an underline or a double underline to give it more emphasis. Then, bellow that, write down the goals that you want or wanted to achieve. That means you should include those goals that you’ve already achieved. Basically, just think about the life that you want, then write down the major points that you want to achieve, or your life goals, before you die. Once you’re done with that, examine these items and put a check mark beside those that you’ve achieved. For those that you haven’t done yet, write down, beside each item, when you want them over and done with. This part right here is you giving yourself a deadline. This time element should be reasonable. Not too soon and not too far.

Now that you’ve written down the time element to your soon to be set goals, what should you do next? Tune in next time to find out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Goal Setting Worksheet

Goal Setting Worksheet

What is a goal setting worksheet? Basically it’s a useful guide on goal setting. It gives you all the information you need much like the one provided by a goal setting workshop. If you get a hold of one you will gain access to a step by step guide on the process of proper, smart, and efficient goal setting. Most often than not, the goal setting method that is explained in these kinds of worksheets are so effective and efficient you can use it for any kind of tasks. It can be big ones such as life goals and career goals, small ones such as gaining a skill for personal goals, or very simple ones such as tasks and assignments. Also, it provides you with a way to record your progress with a specific time frame so that it’s easier to review them when needed.

A Tip on Goal Setting

People say that when you keep on saying something or when you keep thinking of something that you want to happen, it will happen. This also works for goal setting, in fact it’s a great tip to make you reach your set goals. The reason why this works is because it reminds you of your goal as well as it keeps you focused on what you should exert effort on.

A Tip on Goal Setting

When do you do this? As often as you can. But one good time to do it is at the start of your day. Before you head out to work say your goal or life goals out loud. For example, “I will travel the world in two years!” Say it with conviction like it was the first time you discovered that this is what you wanted to do. Also, notice that there’s a time element to what you say, the reason for this is so that you will also be reminded of when you want it to happen. Just saying your goal without any specific time will leave it hanging and you might not give enough effort to pursue it.

Goal Setting is Basic

Goal setting is a basic thing that you should know and should have as a weapon against reality. This would be an ideal setting so that you, the person who is going to live the life you’ve been given, can pursue life and career goals. You should do them more actively so that more will be accomplished.

Goal Setting is Basic

But it’s entirely up to you if you prefer to do them slowly wherein you take long breaks in between achieving goals. This is good too so that you can take as much needed rest and regain all that lost energy. Then you’d have lots of energy to spend for your next set goals.

Quick Guide to Goal Setting: What to Do

Quick Guide to Goal Setting: What to Do
Previously, we discussed the basic things that you need to engage in smart goal setting. This time we will talk about what you need to do. It’s basically just making use of all the things that you need for goal setting. For example, you need to first finalize and decide on a goal to set. Once you’ve got your goal, you can go ahead and start the planning phase. Here you will think about the best way to achieve your goals. Make a flow chart of how that will happen so that the steps are clearer and the order of how to do them is displayed visually. After that, make a schedule of your supposed activities now that you have a plan ready. Then, you’re all set. All you need now is to remind yourself of your goals and objectives as well as to keep your motivation and support at bay so that you can get to them easily. And you’re all set.

Quick Guide to Goal Setting

If you want to get a guide on goal setting, here’s a quick guide to what you need and what you need to do to achieve your dreams. Remember that achieving your dreams takes time and it’s a long process, so patiently follow these steps and don’t rush it.

Quick Guide to Goal Setting

Alright, first what you need is motivation and a support group. Your motivation is obviously what will fuel you throughout this journey to achieve your life goals. It can be something that stems from you of from other people. In regard to a support group, the people in this group will act as your motivators and supporters. They might even act as your helpers every now and then especially when they are experts at the field that you are currently concerned about. How will they motivate you? It’s entirely up to them but usually they will cheer you on and give you words of encouragement. They can also support you this way. Their support will be most obvious when you are in trouble and are facing a problem. They will either be there to give you moral support or help you solve the problem.

For what you need to do on goal setting, check out the next article. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Uses of Goal Setting: Homework and Projects

Let’s talk about how to make use of goal setting in a more specific manner. There are basically a lot of uses for it and the number of things that you can use it on usually depends on the creativity of the goal setter. If you are not that creative or you’d like a quick guide on where to use smart goal setting, then I won’t prolong your agony any longer.

Uses of Goal Setting: Homework and Projects

Goal setting can be used in completing projects and assignments. This can be applied both in school and work as well as personal projects. You can especially make use of scheduling to set specific times of the day that you could use to dedicate it for completing your project. You can also make use of planning to help you get a clear picture of how you’ll do the project such as a step by step process on the process if for example you’re going to make a scrapbook or a report. The tips in goal setting such as to have motivation and have supporters will also come in handy to keep you going at your homework, projects, or personal goals.

Goal Setting: Career Goals

Previously, we discussed about goal setting for students applied in school. This time, we will tackle smart goal setting for dreams and career goals. The great thing with starting goal setting early is that you can use it to plan out how you’ll achieve your desired career. You start from what grade you’re in and then work your way up to high school, college, and whatever comes next after that.

Goal Setting: Career Goals

If for example you are still in grade school, you could plan out which school you’re going to go for high school and college. For the college level, you should also decide on what course you will take. Additionally you should decide which activities you should attend or take part in to enhance your skills that will be instrumental in making you reach your career of choice. The activities may include taking part time jobs or joining conferences. Then after getting your degree, depending on your goal, you can either take your masters or take your first job. In the same way that you planned out for college, you must also plan out for what you will do in this new stage of your life.

Goal Setting: For Students

Hello there dear reader! This article will talk about goal setting for students. If you are one or if you know someone who is still in school, then this is a must read!

Goal Setting: For Students

Where is goal setting applicable in a student’s life? There’s the obvious answer for dreams and life goals. Then there’s also the less obvious tasks, assignments, projects, and papers. For this post let’s tackle the goal setting method used for school work such as homework, papers, and projects.

Basically, as soon as your professor or teacher gives you a task such as a homework or a group work, immediately draw out a plan of action. For this you don’t really need to think of the goal since you already know what it is except of course when you need to define a specific topic that you’d like to work on, for example. So once you’re clear with what to do, focus on what it is that you need to do to attain the goal. What are the little tasks that need to be accomplished? It can be doing research, collecting data, making a report, and the likes. Then, if it’s a group work, decide on who is in charge of what or when you’ll do it. If it’s not a group work, decide when you’ll do each task. Give a specified amount of time for how long each task should be done. Then, once all the planning is done, give you or your group mates a reason for doing this perfectly. It can be getting a high grade or getting to eat something really good in the end along with a good grade.

Goal Setting: For Everyone

Goal Setting: For Everyone

Who is allowed to engage in goal setting? Is there a particular age minimum and maximum? Well, no. As long as you are able to do what you want, then you are eligible to do this. Even children can do this. The earlier you start, the better! You see, goal setting is like a lifestyle. If you become used to the process, it’ll become engraved into your system and you will then be able to achieve tasks and life goals in a faster pace compared to others who don’t employ this method. Isn’t that neat?

Goal setting is also for everyone whatever occupation he may have. There is goal setting for students, office workers, home based employees, and even to full time moms. As long as a task needs to be done, goal setting is always there.

Goal Setting: Proper Evaluation Part 2

The second thing that you need to do to make a proper evaluation during the goal setting process is to find out what you felt when all those things were happening. These events can be while you were performing tasks or the most significant ones such as achieving something or failing at completing something. It is important to know what you felt so that you can do some damage control if damages were done to your ego or to your confidence as a goal setter.


Goal Setting: Proper Evaluation Part 2

How do you do this? It’s basically just asking the right questions and giving out the right answers. What did you feel? It’s that simple and all you need to do now is answer the question truthfully. It could be difficult if you aren’t used to digging up your feelings especially when they are negative ones but try and you shall succeed. Trust me, it’ll be good for you now in your present set goals as well as in the long run when you try to achieve other life goals.

Goal Setting: Personal Change as a Goal

Finding it hard to find a suitable goal to set? How about achieving goals that will change your life for the better? The goal I’m talking about is to change or completely get rid of an attitude or habit that you no longer want to have since it’s bad for you. Here’s a quick guide on how to set goals of this kind.

Goal Setting: Personal Change as a Goal

Since we’re dealing with a goal that’s already ingrained in your system, the ideal deadline that you should set is around 600 months to a full year. This is because habits are habits and they are things that we’ve learned to become part of our system and routine. Hence, trying to remove or change it with something else is like unlearning something.

The next thing that you might want to consider doing is to set only one habit as a goal. You can’t have several at once because you want a hundred percent of focus on this personal goal. If you have other goals, your attention will be divided and it could take longer to complete all the changes that you want’ to happen.

More on the next issue!

Tool for Goal Setting

Let’s face it, goal setting is not easy but you can make it easier for you by using tools and strategies. For this article, we will discuss a tool that is perfect for setting goalsand achieving dreams.

Tool for Goal Setting

This tool is the goal setting worksheet. It is very much like a form where in the goal setter’s job is only to think about what to write and then fill in the details needed for the goal to become a reality. The worksheet has several elements to it and each has a role in goal achievement. Examples of these are purpose, vision, roles, action list, and goal statement.