Newbies at Goal Setting

Are you a newbie at setting goals? Is this your first time to seriously set and work at achieving a goal? If so, then a good way so that you can get used to what it’s like to set and attain a goal is to start with a goal that isn’t too major. What I mean here is to do a trial goal setting with a small fun goal. Examples of these could be starting new hobbies or completing a craft project.

Newbies at Goal Setting

If you’ll succeed at setting and you’ll actually attain your goal, then you are ready for setting a major goal. If you have problems while completing the project and tried several times to quit, then you need to do something about your attitude towards failure. You should learn to accept faults and stand up after failures. Also, learn to give yourself the motivation that you need to complete your goal.

Categorizing Potential Goals

Are there a lot of things that you’d like to do or that you need to do? Do you know which ones are important and are a priority and which ones are not? It might be difficult to tell especially if there are far too many things in your mind. What should you do?

Categorizing Potential Goals

First, write them down on a sheet of paper. Yes, that’s the best way to do it. If you prefer another medium, such as the computer, go ahead. As soon as you’re done writing them all down, on a separate sheet of paper, categorize them according to three levels of importance. Level 1 is the least, level 2 is so-so, and level 3 is the most important and top priority. Then, what you need to do now is a schedule. Decide which ones you’ll do first among the level 3 items. This will serve as your major goal. Then, pick out another item in level 2 and level 1. For the level 2 item, this will be your minor goal. As for the level 1 item, this is also a minor goal but this will be the first one you’ll cancel out once there is a need to spend your time on a major goal.

What is Important?

What is Important?

We have multiple goals. In order to set a goal, we must choose among these and make the most important one your main goal. There are goals that are easy to identify as not important and you can easily cross them out of your list but there are some which are particularly difficult to let go. As a result, you end up torn between two or maybe even more goals. How do you know when a goal is more important than the other?

Ask yourself if you really need it. If you can’t answer that straight away, write down the pros and cons of pursuing the goal right now. Then, eliminate the goal which has the most cons.

Categorize Your Goals

We are dreamers and we don’t have just one goal in life. There might be that one special goal but there are, surely, other mini goals that you’d like to achieve. For these goals, it’s best to categorize them according to importance. That is, which ones are major and which ones are minor goals?

Categorize Your Goals

Why is it necessary to categorize your goals? The answer is simple. It’s so that you will have an idea which ones you’re going to do first and which ones you can do along with other goals. Additionally, by doing this, you will see which goals need most of your time, effort, and energy. You will also be able to identify which goals can be set aside if other goals need more attention especially when there is a pressing matter that needs to be attended.

What is a Minor Goal?

A major goal is often long term and has a very significant effect to your life when accomplished. A minor goal, on the other hand, is a task or project that is not priority number one. It is still important to accomplish it but it can be set aside when time is needed for the major goal. These goals do not require heavy tasks compared to those for major goals.

What is a Minor Goal?

A minor goal can be finished before a major goal because often, these are short term and can be done quickly. For quick goals it only involves a few steps. These goals can be long term too but it’s only labeled as minor because it’s not as important as the major goal. These can be saving money for a luxury, making a hobby project just for the sake of accomplishing something, and the like.

What is a Major Goal?

A major goal is basically one that you deem most important. It is a goal that takes quite some time to accomplish such as a year or more than that. A major goal is often a dream or something that when done will have a great impact to your life and your status. It can be becoming something such as a doctor or a similar profession, owning a certain thing such as a car or a house, or attaining something big such as a degree.

What is a Major Goal?

It is also deemed major because it is one where you will focus most of your energy and time on. Though that is the case, you can still set a minor goal on the side alongside doing this because it does not require a ton of daily tasks since it’s a long term goal. Hence, there’s still some room left for other things to do in your schedule. However, since it’s priority, when something comes up that’s related to this goal and you’re doing something else you are willing to drop whatever you’re doing just to attend to that something.

What Kind of Journal Should you Have?

What Kind of Journal Should You Have?

If you want to start a journal, the very basic thing that you should have is the journal itself. You can buy one in stores that sell office supplies or stationery items. You will find that there are various types of this item. There’s the one with a lock. It’s a good idea especially if you don’t want people to read the contents of your diary. Often, these kinds of journal have plain pages and are bound in excellent quality material. You can even buy one with a leather jacket but it’s certainly an investment that you have to make since it’s quite on the expensive side.

Other journals appear like plain notebooks with a harder cover. They come in different sizes, from small pocket sized journals to a size larger than a typical notebook. There are also journals that are designed to have specific places to put the date, time, and even the weather. Others also have additional features such as an address book section, a map, a conversion table, and a page where you can place business cards.

If you don’t want any of these, you can opt to buy a plain and simple notebook or even a notepad if you want. It doesn’t really matter what you are writing on as long as you write and you are able to keep it intact for reference in the future especially when you encounter problems in goal setting.