Goal Setting for the Artsy Fartsy

Goal Setting for the Artsy Fartsy

If you’re a noob at the goal setting process and you’re an artist at heart, then this is a great time for you to invest that extra time and energy for something creative! Since you’re an artist, there are tons of projects that you can start using the goal setting process. And since you’re a noob, it’s best to do something close to your heart. Yes, I mean do something artsy like a painting, a sculpture, a craft, anything that you are good at, or something totally new but still artsy. For the latter, I mean that you could try setting a project of something that you haven’t done yet but want to try to develop a new skill in the field of arts and crafts. I say in the field of arts and crafts because even though the skill is new to you, the field is something that you love so doing it will still give you lots of fun even though you could be having a hard time accomplishing it.

Now, don’t think of something big just yet. For now, think of a project that is not too easy and not too hard. Somewhere in the middle so that it’ll still be a learning process even though this is just your first trial for setting goals. As stated, you can do something that you’re already good at or something that you’re new at. If you’ve decided on what to do, make a plan, set a deadline, make a schedule, keep your motivation levels in check, and then start doing the first item on your to-do-list.

Goal Setting Tools

Goal setting is one of the hardest things to do if you don’t know what you’re doing. Hence, if you have the right tools and the right information, it’ll be easy as pie. What tools do you need to make achieving your goals and objectives easier?

Goal Setting Tools

Basically, what you need is a guide that is easy to understand and easy to make happen. Your goal setting guide should be realistic and should have examples to show you exactly what you need to do. Also the guide should contain an everyday exercise that will help you cross out the items on your bucket list one by one. Additionally the exercise should help you identify your purpose and life goals so that you will be able to set them as a goal and you can start taking action to make them a reality. Finally, your tool should have troubleshooting information in case you encounter problems in your goal setting journey.

Goal Setting: Things to Remember on Saving

Previously, in the series of posts about saving as one of your set goals, you were given a tip on how to save, why you need to do it, and other ways to save. Now that you have all these helpful information, all you need now is some things to remember.

First, be religious. I don’t mean in the spiritual sense, that part right there is your choice. What I mean here is to be religious in depositing money into your savings. Stick to the schedule that you made for your self may it be daily, weekly, or monthly. Make sure to put in the right amount every time and don’t forget to put a signature after every deposit.

Goal Setting: Things to Remember
Second, don’t rush. Just because you have extra money for today, don’t put more on your savings especially if you’ve already set up an exact amount of how much you’ll deposit every time. Doing so will prevent you from getting money from your savings in case you realize that you actually needed the extra money that you put in your money container. The goal here is to never ever get any money from your savings unless it’s a life and death emergency. Because once you start taking money from there, you’re gonna do it again and next thing you know, there’s no more left by the time you reach your deadline.

Those are the things you need to remember for this goal setting article on saving. More to come next time!

Goal Setting: Saving Options

Goal Setting: Saving Options

In previous articles about saving as a goal in goal setting, it was mentioned that you should get a container for the money that you will save up for. This suggestion is best for amounts that are only about a few thousands. But if it’s too big of an amount such as those for life goals like owning a house and lot, you could opt to deposit it in a bank, that is if you have a bank account. This is so that your money will be kept safe and if you’re lucky you can place it in an account that has interest so that it will grow. But this is only applicable if your deadline is still years from now.

Aside from a bank, you could place your money in places that offer safe boxes. In these establishments, you can place anything you want in your designated safe box and you’re the only one who can access it since the key to your safe is the only copy that you hold. Also, no one else can get access to your safe because it’s often passworded wherein the in charge will ask for the password before you can enter the place where they put the safe boxes.

Goal Setting: Picture Strategy for Saving

Goal Setting: Picture Strategy for Saving

It was previously stated in the post about goal setting entitled “Goal: Saving”, that when your goal is to save money, one of the steps that you need to do is to take a picture of you with the item that you’re saving up for and stick it to your money container. The reason why this is a suggested step is because the image will aid in helping you imagine what it would be like if you’ll achieve your goal.

Another reason is because it will serve as one of your motivations to work hard at attaining your goal. Due to constantly seeing the image, you’re going to want to succeed in goal setting and make what is on the image happen for real.

Goal: Saving

If you’ve decided on a goal and it’s related to saving money because you want to buy something or you need it to pay for something, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s an easy to do process that you can employ in your saving goal.

Goal: Saving

First of all, write down how much amount you need to save up for. Then, designate a place where you’ll put your savings. It can be in an envelope, a coin bank, or in a bottle. Also, on the paper where you wrote the amount to save up for, write down the deadline or when you want to have saved up all the money you need. Next, on your money container, paste a picture of where you’re going to use the money. If it’s a thing you want to buy, take a picture of yourself with that item. If it’s for something that you need to pay for like tuition, your picture could be you in school or in front of the school cashier with a big thumbs up.

Now that the destination of your amount is all set, it’s now time to decide how much you’ll save per day, per week, or per month. This means that you also need to decide if you’ll make it a daily savings or a monthly one. If it’s for an item, daily savings could be fit for it. If it’s for tuition and similar expenses, a monthly or weekly savings would be nice. Once you’ve decided, make a schedule of when you’re going to put your savings. Also, make an account of every amount that you put in your savings. You can place it on a small notebook and put it in a table. The table should contain the amount, the date, and your signature to make it valid and to certify that you really placed money on that particular day.

There you go. Now all that’s left to do is start saving. Good luck and happy saving! 😀

Goal Setting Process

It’s quite amazing to know that achieving your dreams is possible if you just follow the steps in the goal setting process. The steps are finding your goal, defining it, making a plan, and making a schedule. But of course, simply sticking to the steps also comes with the required elements which are motivation, your determination to achieve the goal and to stand up after solving a problem; and patience, you have to do things at a normal pace else you could encounter more problems. You also need to have cheer leaders who will be there for you from the start until the end and especially during times when you need their support the most. And of course, before you even begin the goal setting process, you need to have information. The needed info is for goal setting itself and anything and everything there is to know about your goal and how to achieve it.

Goal Setting Process

When you think about it, it’s quite a handful. But any normal person can follow the steps and can acquire the requirements. Hence, any person’s dream can become a reality so long as he or she has the will to give it a try.