Learning in Goal Setting

Another thing that you learn in goal setting is organizing. You learn to organize things at the start of the process where you are going to decide and pick your goals and objectives. You also learn it all throughout the process. You organize your thoughts, you organize your schedule and the things that you need to do, you organize which things are important and not, and finally, you organize your life by setting a schedule and following it to keep track of your goals.

Learning in Goal Setting

There are so many thing that you can learn from goal setting and along with it is learning about your set goals. That is, if you were able to achieve this certain goal, then you will have learned something about it like what to do to achieve it as well as what not to do to avoid problems.

In essence, you learn different things in goal setting because the goals you set are different too. In order to properly recognize that you did learn something you just have to be more particular about exactly how you were before and how you were after achieving the goal. The difference is what you learned.

Discipline in Goal Setting

One other thing that you learn in goal setting is discipline. You can get this from strictly following your schedule and avoiding temptations to procrastinate or do other things that will not help in achieving your set goals. This discipline will be tested all the time especially when you are not used to following a schedule or it’s your first time to even have one.

Discipline in Goal Setting

In order to have this, make sure to give yourself some time off. Designate time to relax in your schedule so that you won’t need to procrastinate or do other things since there’s a relaxation time waiting for you sometime in the week. This then will make you more disciplined to actually follow the schedule.

More to come about things you learn in setting goals on the next update! ^_^

Goal Setting: What you Learn

In anything and everything that we do, there is always learning involved. So in goal setting, what do you get out of it aside from achieving goals and dreams and learning how to set goals?

Goal Setting: What you Learn
One of many is the idea that things can be done. You will see the power of action and learn that things happen the way you want if you make it happen. This is one of the very imporant things that you should learn because it will instill the idea to you that things are indeed possible. Thus, you will learn to make the first move and not be afraid to take the risk of making the first step in a journey who’s outcome is yet to be uncovered.

Other things you can learn will be discussed in great detail on the coming posts.

Self Check: Second Half

Previously, we talked about the first half of the self check activity that you should do just to know where you are and where you are going. Now, here’s the second half!

Self Check: Second Half

We left off with you writing down the time element of your unset but soon to be set goals. So now, the next thing to do is decide which one you want to do first. With the time element, you can see which ones you wish to have first, but on this next step, decide for real among the unset goals. Arrange them in order and ask yourself if you are positive that the first one on the list is the one you’d like to set and the one you’d like to have first. Once you’re settled on that, begin with the first thing to do on the goal setting process and so on.

Basically that’s it. If you performed the self check and you’ve gotten all the things you’ve wanted, your life goals and career goals, congratulations! Now it’s time for you to set a new goal! Yes, it never ends. Achieving and doing something with your life should never end because life is short and you don’t want to regret not doing something when you had the time, right? Good luck! 😉

Self Check

How have you been lately? Have you achieved any goal recently? How far along are you from attaining the life that you want? In order to find out the answers to these questions, here’s a quick activity you can do to perform a self check.

Self Check

The steps are simple. First, get yourself a notebook and pen. Now, on that sheet of paper, write at the top most, centered and preferrably in big capital letters, “MY GOALS“. You could even put an underline or a double underline to give it more emphasis. Then, bellow that, write down the goals that you want or wanted to achieve. That means you should include those goals that you’ve already achieved. Basically, just think about the life that you want, then write down the major points that you want to achieve, or your life goals, before you die. Once you’re done with that, examine these items and put a check mark beside those that you’ve achieved. For those that you haven’t done yet, write down, beside each item, when you want them over and done with. This part right here is you giving yourself a deadline. This time element should be reasonable. Not too soon and not too far.

Now that you’ve written down the time element to your soon to be set goals, what should you do next? Tune in next time to find out. 😉

Goal Setting Worksheet

Goal Setting Worksheet

What is a goal setting worksheet? Basically it’s a useful guide on goal setting. It gives you all the information you need much like the one provided by a goal setting workshop. If you get a hold of one you will gain access to a step by step guide on the process of proper, smart, and efficient goal setting. Most often than not, the goal setting method that is explained in these kinds of worksheets are so effective and efficient you can use it for any kind of tasks. It can be big ones such as life goals and career goals, small ones such as gaining a skill for personal goals, or very simple ones such as tasks and assignments. Also, it provides you with a way to record your progress with a specific time frame so that it’s easier to review them when needed.

A Tip on Goal Setting

People say that when you keep on saying something or when you keep thinking of something that you want to happen, it will happen. This also works for goal setting, in fact it’s a great tip to make you reach your set goals. The reason why this works is because it reminds you of your goal as well as it keeps you focused on what you should exert effort on.

A Tip on Goal Setting

When do you do this? As often as you can. But one good time to do it is at the start of your day. Before you head out to work say your goal or life goals out loud. For example, “I will travel the world in two years!” Say it with conviction like it was the first time you discovered that this is what you wanted to do. Also, notice that there’s a time element to what you say, the reason for this is so that you will also be reminded of when you want it to happen. Just saying your goal without any specific time will leave it hanging and you might not give enough effort to pursue it.

Goal Setting is Basic

Goal setting is a basic thing that you should know and should have as a weapon against reality. This would be an ideal setting so that you, the person who is going to live the life you’ve been given, can pursue life and career goals. You should do them more actively so that more will be accomplished.

Goal Setting is Basic

But it’s entirely up to you if you prefer to do them slowly wherein you take long breaks in between achieving goals. This is good too so that you can take as much needed rest and regain all that lost energy. Then you’d have lots of energy to spend for your next set goals.

Quick Guide to Goal Setting: What to Do

Quick Guide to Goal Setting: What to Do
Previously, we discussed the basic things that you need to engage in smart goal setting. This time we will talk about what you need to do. It’s basically just making use of all the things that you need for goal setting. For example, you need to first finalize and decide on a goal to set. Once you’ve got your goal, you can go ahead and start the planning phase. Here you will think about the best way to achieve your goals. Make a flow chart of how that will happen so that the steps are clearer and the order of how to do them is displayed visually. After that, make a schedule of your supposed activities now that you have a plan ready. Then, you’re all set. All you need now is to remind yourself of your goals and objectives as well as to keep your motivation and support at bay so that you can get to them easily. And you’re all set.

Quick Guide to Goal Setting

If you want to get a guide on goal setting, here’s a quick guide to what you need and what you need to do to achieve your dreams. Remember that achieving your dreams takes time and it’s a long process, so patiently follow these steps and don’t rush it.

Quick Guide to Goal Setting

Alright, first what you need is motivation and a support group. Your motivation is obviously what will fuel you throughout this journey to achieve your life goals. It can be something that stems from you of from other people. In regard to a support group, the people in this group will act as your motivators and supporters. They might even act as your helpers every now and then especially when they are experts at the field that you are currently concerned about. How will they motivate you? It’s entirely up to them but usually they will cheer you on and give you words of encouragement. They can also support you this way. Their support will be most obvious when you are in trouble and are facing a problem. They will either be there to give you moral support or help you solve the problem.

For what you need to do on goal setting, check out the next article. 😉