Goal Setting: Proper Evaluation Part 2

The second thing that you need to do to make a proper evaluation during the goal setting process is to find out what you felt when all those things were happening. These events can be while you were performing tasks or the most significant ones such as achieving something or failing at completing something. It is important to know what you felt so that you can do some damage control if damages were done to your ego or to your confidence as a goal setter.


Goal Setting: Proper Evaluation Part 2

How do you do this? It’s basically just asking the right questions and giving out the right answers. What did you feel? It’s that simple and all you need to do now is answer the question truthfully. It could be difficult if you aren’t used to digging up your feelings especially when they are negative ones but try and you shall succeed. Trust me, it’ll be good for you now in your present set goals as well as in the long run when you try to achieve other life goals.


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