Self Check

How have you been lately? Have you achieved any goal recently? How far along are you from attaining the life that you want? In order to find out the answers to these questions, here’s a quick activity you can do to perform a self check.

Self Check

The steps are simple. First, get yourself a notebook and pen. Now, on that sheet of paper, write at the top most, centered and preferrably in big capital letters, “MY GOALS“. You could even put an underline or a double underline to give it more emphasis. Then, bellow that, write down the goals that you want or wanted to achieve. That means you should include those goals that you’ve already achieved. Basically, just think about the life that you want, then write down the major points that you want to achieve, or your life goals, before you die. Once you’re done with that, examine these items and put a check mark beside those that you’ve achieved. For those that you haven’t done yet, write down, beside each item, when you want them over and done with. This part right here is you giving yourself a deadline. This time element should be reasonable. Not too soon and not too far.

Now that you’ve written down the time element to your soon to be set goals, what should you do next? Tune in next time to find out. 😉


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