Procrastination in Goal Setting

How do you manage your time doing all the regular things that you do on a daily basis in addition to the bonus tasks for your set goals? This is especially hard if you are one who is easily distracted. Hence, you end up spending more time battling procrastination than actually getting things done. So how do you do it?

An advice that was previously mentioned in this blog was to spend some time doing that thing that you do for procrastination and then do all your tasks after that. Well, it works for me sometimes but other times it doesn’t. Now what? There’s another method. Relax. You could give yourself a time limit to do these unnecessary activities. The most you can give it is an hour and make sure to set an alarm for it so you can keep track of your time. Then, after that, don’t ever, and I mean EVER, go back to doing that procrastination activity until you’ve actually finished your goals and objectives for the day.

It will be difficult to perfectly stick to your time limit the first time you do this, but that’s okay. That’s a normal reaction. So chill and give it a second, third, fourth, even a fifth chance. If that still doesn’t work, check out the next article for another tip on the ever strong enemy of goal setting, procrastination. 😉


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