Set Goal: Travel

To travel the world is probably the most common dream of most people. Despite that, not all people know how to efficiently use the goal setting process in this aspiration. Here’s a quick guide on what to do and what not to do.

Set Goal: Travel

First, in achieving goals such as this, employ the goal setting process when you are considering on traveling somewhere. Make use of planning and scheduling for the major parts. That is, plan out when you’re going to do this, where, and how you’re going to get to that certain place. As for scheduling, decide the things you’re going to do in your travel and note specific time spans for each activity. Make sure though, to allot a lot of time for each major activity such as site seeing as it would spoil the fun if you’ll only schedule a really short time for it such as 10 minutes.

For the planning phase of setting goals, make sure to just make rough notes of the things that you can do in your chosen travel spot. You don’t need to be specific about what things you’ll accomplish since it is travel and it needs to be enjoyed by being in the moment rather than having many sites seen.


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