Goal Setting: More Reminders

Last time we talked about setting resolutions for the upcoming new year and we gave you a set of reminders about setting goals. Here’s the second part to that article.

Goal Setting: More Reminders

Aside from your goal being a personal choice and it being specific and realistic, you also might want to pick out a target life goal that will give a positive change to your life once achieved and even while you’re still working on it. The reason is because you want the after effect it has on you. Wouldn’t you want to work on something that will actually affect you positively? If it doesn’t really have any effect on you, after finishing it it would be like having done nothing. So ideally you want something that will change your life or make it better. You can choose a personal goal that will maintain a good thing that you’ve already been working on for some time now, but that’s your call.


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