Goal Setting: Personal Change as a Goal

Finding it hard to find a suitable goal to set? How about achieving goals that will change your life for the better? The goal I’m talking about is to change or completely get rid of an attitude or habit that you no longer want to have since it’s bad for you. Here’s a quick guide on how to set goals of this kind.

Goal Setting: Personal Change as a Goal

Since we’re dealing with a goal that’s already ingrained in your system, the ideal deadline that you should set is around 600 months to a full year. This is because habits are habits and they are things that we’ve learned to become part of our system and routine. Hence, trying to remove or change it with something else is like unlearning something.

The next thing that you might want to consider doing is to set only one habit as a goal. You can’t have several at once because you want a hundred percent of focus on this personal goal. If you have other goals, your attention will be divided and it could take longer to complete all the changes that you want’ to happen.

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Action Plan: Why

Action Plan: Why

Now that you know how to make an action plan, why would you bother making one? As mentioned in previous posts, this will help give you motivation to take action and set goals into motion. Imagine if you didn’t have one. What would your next step be after setting goals? When will you do it and how? The action plan will give you all the answers to these questions. The schedule in your action plan will give you direction and will tell you what you need to do and for how long you’ll spend your time doing so.

As you can see, the action plan for achieving goals is very important thus you must make your action plan with care. You need to thoroughly think of the tasks and schedule them accordingly making sure to set it with appropriate and enough time so that time is used efficiently.

Action Plan: How To

Action Plan: How to

Here we are! Here’s what you’ve been waiting for. How do you make an action plan? Details on how to make one and how it’ll work for your set goals will be discussed in this article.

Alright, let’s get on with it.

Basically, since it’s an action plan, this will be filled with items that you will do to set your goals and objectives into motion. So the first thing that you will have to focus on doing is to find out what are the tasks that need to be completed to achieve your goal. What are the steps that you need to take? Write them all down in chronological order and make sure to be specific. To make it easier, list down the major stages or chapters that need to be covered then focus on writing the necessary steps for each stage. Once done with that, next, write a schedule beside each item. This would be the date and time you’d like to have completed the tasks. And then, that’s it! It’s that simple. All that’s left to do now is to conduct a quick review of the action plan you made so that you can see if there’s anything you’d like to modify. Make the changes if there are any and then you’re done and ready to start achieving goals!

Goal Setting: Action Plan is a To Do List?

You were probably expecting an article on how to make an action plan as that was what I sort of promised last time. But let’s cover all the details and definitions first before we get to actually making one. So I’m sorry. The How to article will be for next time. That’s okay, though. No need to get disheartened. This article will give light to a notion that you probably have about an action plan. This notion is that an action plan is similar to a to do list or that it is a to do list.

Goal Setting: Action Plan is a To Do List?

Well, no. It’s not and it’s in no way similar to one. Yes, an action plan for achieving goals is a list of items that you need to accomplish but it’s different from a to-do list in that an action plan is geared toward one goal. All the items on the list are for the completion of one set goal. A to-do list is often a list of tasks that need to be done but they are just a collection of tasks that may lead to several goals for the day or for none at all since some are most likely just daily recurring tasks. Also, most often than not, a to-do list does not have a schedule or does not have a time element attached to it. Well, that’s commonly how it is and it may be different for you if you’re the type who places deadlines beside each item.

So there. Is that clear now? I hope so. And if the distinction was already clear enough in the first place, I hope I didn’t make it confusing for you. I promise, the next article will be on how to make an action plan to achieve life goals.

A Goal Setter’s Guide to Working at Home

A goal setter who is actively achieving goals or anyone, for that matter, is bound to perform some measures in order to make use of time efficiently. One of these is bringing work home. This is especially true if there are deadlines to meet and there are projects that need to be completed soon. If you want to keep going at your career goals, you most likely don’t have any choice in the matter even more so if you are also packed with things to do at work.

A Goal Setter's Guide to Working at Home

Now, if this is really inevitable, here are things that you can do at home to prepare a proper working environment which will greatly help in making you productive. You need to make sure that you have a table and chair. As much as possible, your chair must have a back so that proper seating position is observed while you burn your candle. Then, your table must be clean and has no clutter on it. If you’re going to work on the kitchen table, rid it of all items that are usually there such as condiments. Another thing to consider is your environment. It should be quiet or has minimal noise. Additionally, it should be uncluttered or organized so that what you see beyond your table is at least pleasant to the eyes.

Basically, these are the things that you need to prepare for when you decide to do some work at home. It could be that you’ll do this quite more often since you set goals in addition to having a busy schedule, so as you go along, try to find a permanent place for you to work on.

A Tip on Goal Setting: Choosing Goals

A Tip on Goal Setting: Choosing Goals

When you want to start achieving goals, the first thing you need to do is to decide on a goal to set. During this process, carefully choose a goal that you know you can achieve considering your skills and capabilities. Also, take note to choose one that you truly want to attain. Make sure that the goal you are about to set is not something that others want you to do but rather something that you want personally.

By setting goals that you don’t really want personally you only give yourself a hard time. You’ll have difficulty finding motivation to push on until the finish line whereas if it were really your desire, then you won’t need to try so hard to motivate and cheer yourself on.

Good luck goal setting and make sure to take this tip in consideration! 😉

A Tip on Goal Setting: Goals Exercise

Here’s an exercise that you can do once you’ve covered the first important stages in setting goals. If you’re already in the stage where you’re already starting to do the first few tasks that you’ve scheduled, then this exercise is perfect for you and you should try it as soon as possible.

A Tip on Goal Setting: Goals Exercise

Basically, what you want to do is to say your goal out loud. Say it like a chant but you don’t have to say it with rhythm although if you prefer it that way, do so. When you say your goal, say it while thinking of the reason why you’re achieving goals as well as the determination that you will indeed make this happen. When do you say this? You can do this at the start of your day or any time you feel like your life goals are becoming farther and farther away from getting conquered.