Goal Setting: Feeling Bad Part 3

Why should you not engage in solving your problem if you’re not yet ready? Well, it’s precisely because you’re not ready. If you’re not ready, then you’re not willing to do it. That means that you’d be doing it half heartedly and that would result to a mediocre solution which may not be enough to deal with the problem at hand. You don’t want that, right? If that happens, then you’d still go back to trying to solve this little hick that you encountered in actively achieving goals. Or, if you’re unlucky, it could even make the problem worse. I’m sure you get the point.

Goal Setting: Feeling Bad Part 3

So then, what’s the next step to this process? Basically, all you need to do now is to think of a solution to your problem. If you find several, list them down and contemplate on which ones sound more logical for your problem and your set goals. If you can’t decide, call a friend and ask for their opinion. Then, once that’s decided, just go ahead and apply it. If it works, then good for you. If it doesn’t, try the other one.

Well then, good luck! 😀

Tune in next time for another tip on goal setting! 😉