Goal Setting for Personal Goals

If you work in an office, you’ve probably encountered goal setting. You might have come across it during training or your boss has mentioned it several times. Now this organizational goal setting strategy can also be applied in your personal life.

Goal Setting for Personal Goals

The goal that is often mentioned in this type of strategy is one that you’ll want to accomplish in 1 to about three years. That’s a big goal to set, right? It is but there is a way to achieving goals like this in a more realistic manner. The key here is to break it down into smaller tasks Once you achieve one, you’ll be some percent closer to achieving the whole thing. Now if this were in the workplace, your boss would assign different tasks to the people in charge of a certain task that will help in achieving the overall goal of your company.

Check out the article on this topic in the Goal Setting Workshop blog for a more in depth explanation on how you’ll apply this to your personal goals.