Goal Setting: For Students

Hello there dear reader! This article will talk about goal setting for students. If you are one or if you know someone who is still in school, then this is a must read!

Goal Setting: For Students

Where is goal setting applicable in a student’s life? There’s the obvious answer for dreams and life goals. Then there’s also the less obvious tasks, assignments, projects, and papers. For this post let’s tackle the goal setting method used for school work such as homework, papers, and projects.

Basically, as soon as your professor or teacher gives you a task such as a homework or a group work, immediately draw out a plan of action. For this you don’t really need to think of the goal since you already know what it is except of course when you need to define a specific topic that you’d like to work on, for example. So once you’re clear with what to do, focus on what it is that you need to do to attain the goal. What are the little tasks that need to be accomplished? It can be doing research, collecting data, making a report, and the likes. Then, if it’s a group work, decide on who is in charge of what or when you’ll do it. If it’s not a group work, decide when you’ll do each task. Give a specified amount of time for how long each task should be done. Then, once all the planning is done, give you or your group mates a reason for doing this perfectly. It can be getting a high grade or getting to eat something really good in the end along with a good grade.