How to Delegate in Setting Goals

How do you delegate in goal setting? Just to make it clear to you, the goal here is something common to you and the people you can delegate the tasks to. That is, it can be a project, a group homework, or a deadline to meet for tasks in the office. So how do you delegate?

Since the people around you are also achieving goals that are similar to yours, they will be more than willing to accept the task that will be given to them most especially if they are particularly skilled in that area. Keeping that in mind, try to assign tasks that are appropriate to the person’s skills and abilities. Or if not, they should at least have the willingness and confidence to deliver what is needed at the specified day or time of submission. That means that you need to analyze first what things need to be done. Then, distribute these according to what your colleagues can do. Also, once you assign them tasks, take some time to ask them if they are comfortable with it. It’s important that you get a response from them regarding this matter because you need to know if you can trust them fully with it or if you need to guide him or ask someone to help him out.

With delegation, you have the responsibility to follow up on the tasks that you colleagues are working on. This isn’t to nag but to make sure that they are doing it and so that they can ask you if they need help with it or not.

There you go! Delegating in setting goals is basically easy to do but the challenge is assigning the right tasks to the right people. Good luck! 😀