Goal Setting: Action Plan is a To Do List?

You were probably expecting an article on how to make an action plan as that was what I sort of promised last time. But let’s cover all the details and definitions first before we get to actually making one. So I’m sorry. The How to article will be for next time. That’s okay, though. No need to get disheartened. This article will give light to a notion that you probably have about an action plan. This notion is that an action plan is similar to a to do list or that it is a to do list.

Goal Setting: Action Plan is a To Do List?

Well, no. It’s not and it’s in no way similar to one. Yes, an action plan for achieving goals is a list of items that you need to accomplish but it’s different from a to-do list in that an action plan is geared toward one goal. All the items on the list are for the completion of one set goal. A to-do list is often a list of tasks that need to be done but they are just a collection of tasks that may lead to several goals for the day or for none at all since some are most likely just daily recurring tasks. Also, most often than not, a to-do list does not have a schedule or does not have a time element attached to it. Well, that’s commonly how it is and it may be different for you if you’re the type who places deadlines beside each item.

So there. Is that clear now? I hope so. And if the distinction was already clear enough in the first place, I hope I didn’t make it confusing for you. I promise, the next article will be on how to make an action plan to achieve life goals.


A Tip on Goal Setting: Goals Exercise

Here’s an exercise that you can do once you’ve covered the first important stages in setting goals. If you’re already in the stage where you’re already starting to do the first few tasks that you’ve scheduled, then this exercise is perfect for you and you should try it as soon as possible.

A Tip on Goal Setting: Goals Exercise

Basically, what you want to do is to say your goal out loud. Say it like a chant but you don’t have to say it with rhythm although if you prefer it that way, do so. When you say your goal, say it while thinking of the reason why you’re achieving goals as well as the determination that you will indeed make this happen. When do you say this? You can do this at the start of your day or any time you feel like your life goals are becoming farther and farther away from getting conquered.

A Tip on Goal Setting: Goals

A Tip on Goal Setting: Goals

The main thing that you want to do when you want to start achieving goals is to set a goal. That is, you need to first identify what you want to aim for. Depending on your preferences it can be a personal goal, a life goal, or a career goal.

What is a personal goal? Basically it’s one that you want personally and it’s largely selfish. Buying your own car would be an example. A life goal on the other hand is one that you’ve always dreamed of having or having done in the course of your life. As for career goals, these are goals that are mainly career based. That is, it can be learning a new skill that will help in boosting up your career or getting to a certain position in your profession of choice.

Now, whichever type of goal it is, what you want to do when you set goals is to make it specific. Make sure all the tiny little details are there so that achieving it will be easier. A specific goal is clear and easier to plan out for compared to a broad one.

Good luck setting goals! 😉

Troubles in Setting Goals

What do you do if you realize that the you no longer want to pursue your current set goals? Do you really stop? Maybe. First of all, you need to stop whatever you’re doing and self reflect. Why do you need to do this? The reason is so that you will find out your true feelings and if what you’re feeling is indeed what you want to happen.

Troubles in Setting Goals

Basically, during the self reflection, what you want to find out are your feelings and what you really want to happen with your life. So, ask yourself the appropriate questions. Then, write them down on paper so that you can conduct a proper review. Then, write down several reasons why achieving goals, your current goals, is not what you want to do right now. Also, write down what will happen if you stop. Essentially pros and cons.

Once you’re done with that, the next step is to thoroughly examine the items you’ve written. If you feel that stopping seems to be better, then hold on to that decision for a while. Consult a friend and ask if your current life goals are worth the wait or worth ending right now. If you get a yes, then perhaps it’s right to stop. If not, and you feel the same, then don’t stop and just focus on giving yourself motivation to keep pushing forward.

Goal Setting: Things to Face

What are the things that you have to face and deal with when you are trying to achieve your life goals?

Goal Setting: Things to Face
Time. Life is short and what makes it short is time even though time is an unending element. Why does it do this? Because time never stops, and you, as a human being, can’t go on doing something without taking a break once in a while.

Problems. These are the trials and challenges that you’ll encounter in achieving goals. Some are easy to solve, others are particularly difficult and you might need the help of the people around you to deal with it.

People. Whether you like it or not, you will cross paths with people that may not be on your good side. These encounters will help you become a better person so make sure to keep an open mind when faced with this.

Yourself. Yes. You. Examples are your attitude, your ideals, your beliefs, your personality, and others. When facing yourself, it’s a sign for personal growth, so try not to be stubborn about change and such especially when it calls for easier goal setting.

Goal Setting: Feeling Bad Part 2

Now that you know the reason why you have a problem in goal setting and you’re feeling bad, the next step is to think of a way to cheer yourself up. You can give yourself some words of encouragement or you can do things that you love to do. You can also contact friends or family members and go out with them so that you’re mood will be lifted.

Goal Setting: Feeling Bad Part 2

Now, as soon as you feel better ask yourself if you are ready to face your problem and possibly fix your mistake. If you are, then it’s time for you to think of a solution to put things back together. For a great solution, first inform yourself by researching on your problem. You can get valuable info from your friends, from books, or from websites online that have articles and tips on how to deal with whatever you’re going through. Achieving goals is a difficult process and if your problem is something related to it, then you can most likely find several sources about it since actively pursuing life goals is a well blogged topic.

What if you’re not ready? Then don’t engage in problem solving just yet. It will be bad if you suddenly immerse yourself in this complex process. For a deeper explanation on this as well as the next step to problem solving, read the next issue! 🙂

Delegating for Goal Setting

Time management is very important especially if you are trying to pursue life goals and dreams. This is because you don’t want to waste all that precious time on something unimportant. Also, these methods are extremely helpful especially when you are in a tight spot or are running after a deadline. So what are these methods?

Let us first discuss delegating. This method is very helpful in the area of goal setting for students or for people who have subordinates and colleagues. This is because for delegating to be applicable, one must have other people to delegate to or to give the task to, as in group members for students or coworkers and subordinates for people who work in the office.

When and how do you delegate? Basically, you do it when a task is too big for you to finish by yourself or if it’s a waste of time if you do the task together where in you have to meet up and find a common time to do it. Also, you should do it if you think it’s better to do it in terms of quality and in terms of being able to finish it quickly.

How do you do it? The answer will be on the next issue of Delegating for Goal Setting! See you next time! ;D