Goal Setting Tool: Motivation

Previously we mentioned a way to make goal setting easier. The mentioned and the others that will be mentioned in later articles are what you call goal setting tools. If you have all of them, it is guaranteed that you will have a far easier time compared to having just one or none at all. So what are the other tools in setting goals?

For now, let’s talk about the tool motivation which you need for all your set goals. This is essential because this is what will keep you heading forward to the finish line. Motivation can be in the form of your reason for starting the goal in the first place such as what you’ll get at the end. It can also be to do something for someone or for yourself. Motivation can also be from other people such as your friends, special people in your heart, your family, or from mentors.


Get Cheerleaders

In order to be able to actually complete goal setting, one needs to have motivation. There are lots of sources for this. There’s your main reason for setting a goal, your goal itself, your inspiration, and encouragement from people. This article will focus on the encouragement you get from other people.

Get Cheerleaders

We will call them cheerleaders. If you don’t have one yet, get one, and lots of them if you can help it. The reason why you need them is because their words of encouragement are very helpful in giving you the energy to keep going at your goal. This is especially true when you’ve just encountered a problem. They can be your friends, your family, your special someone, and your mentor.

To get cheerleaders, you simply have to inform them about what you are doing. Tell them that this is a big step in your life. That in itself is a signal for these people to encourage you and give you support. They might even give you some tips and help you if they can.

Goal Setting Workshop: An Exercise that Motivates

How goes the goal setting? How far along are you now? Just to take a break from all the hustle and bustle you are doing with your project, give yourself a short 5 minutes to yourself. What will you do with these 5 minutes? It’s not heavy work, really. It’s just a quick little exercise to remind you of how well you are doing.

Goal Setting Workshop: An Exercise that Motivates

So, let’s begin. If you have a journal for your goal setting project, take it out and read through the pages. Take note of all your achievements. You can highlight them using a pen or write them down on a sheet of paper. If you didn’t keep a journal, try to remember all the things that you’ve done so far, the good and successful things, and list them down on a sheet of paper. Now, take it all in. Be proud of what you’ve done. Read your accomplishment, tell yourself “I did that,” and give yourself a pat on the back or a round of applause if you wish.

That’s it! Five minutes over. Go ahead and go back to being productive. Take note of this exercise and do it every once in a while especially when you are particularly feeling down about your goal setting.

Goal Setting: Your Motivation

How far along are you in goal setting? Have you gone and identified your goal? Have you set up a plan? If you haven’t, it’s alright, this isn’t a race. Take your time planning out the best way to attain your goal. If you have, good job! Now, whether you have or have not made your plan, you still need to think about this. Why are you doing this little project? What will you get out of achieving this goal? Think about that and keep that in mind when you’re planning or when you’re just getting ready to start with your goal, because that will be your motivation. It is what will keep you going and will let you succeed in goal setting.