Reminders for Goal Setting

Reminders for Goal Setting

Whenever New Year is just around the corner, most people start asking each other about their resolutions. It seems like everyone expects themselves and everyone else around them to do something for a change. Perhaps because it’s a new year and it’s a great time to turn over a new leaf or to start something new. Now, that time of the year is still quite a long way to go but if you don’t have one yet, a resolution that you’d like to set, then here are a few things to remember about setting goals:

1. Your goal must be what you want. This means that no one else asked you to do this but you yourself. Hence, it must be a personal goal.
2. Your goal must be realistic and specific. Define your goal and narrow it down to the minute details. Also, it must be something that can actually be accomplished. Don’t set goals that can only be achieved in another plane.

That’s all for now. See you next time for more reminders about goal setting.


A Tip on Goal Setting: Goals

A Tip on Goal Setting: Goals

The main thing that you want to do when you want to start achieving goals is to set a goal. That is, you need to first identify what you want to aim for. Depending on your preferences it can be a personal goal, a life goal, or a career goal.

What is a personal goal? Basically it’s one that you want personally and it’s largely selfish. Buying your own car would be an example. A life goal on the other hand is one that you’ve always dreamed of having or having done in the course of your life. As for career goals, these are goals that are mainly career based. That is, it can be learning a new skill that will help in boosting up your career or getting to a certain position in your profession of choice.

Now, whichever type of goal it is, what you want to do when you set goals is to make it specific. Make sure all the tiny little details are there so that achieving it will be easier. A specific goal is clear and easier to plan out for compared to a broad one.

Good luck setting goals! 😉

Goal Setting for Personal Goals

If you work in an office, you’ve probably encountered goal setting. You might have come across it during training or your boss has mentioned it several times. Now this organizational goal setting strategy can also be applied in your personal life.

Goal Setting for Personal Goals

The goal that is often mentioned in this type of strategy is one that you’ll want to accomplish in 1 to about three years. That’s a big goal to set, right? It is but there is a way to achieving goals like this in a more realistic manner. The key here is to break it down into smaller tasks Once you achieve one, you’ll be some percent closer to achieving the whole thing. Now if this were in the workplace, your boss would assign different tasks to the people in charge of a certain task that will help in achieving the overall goal of your company.

Check out the article on this topic in the Goal Setting Workshop blog for a more in depth explanation on how you’ll apply this to your personal goals.

Goal Setting Worksheet

Goal Setting Worksheet

What is a goal setting worksheet? Basically it’s a useful guide on goal setting. It gives you all the information you need much like the one provided by a goal setting workshop. If you get a hold of one you will gain access to a step by step guide on the process of proper, smart, and efficient goal setting. Most often than not, the goal setting method that is explained in these kinds of worksheets are so effective and efficient you can use it for any kind of tasks. It can be big ones such as life goals and career goals, small ones such as gaining a skill for personal goals, or very simple ones such as tasks and assignments. Also, it provides you with a way to record your progress with a specific time frame so that it’s easier to review them when needed.

Uses of Goal Setting: Homework and Projects

Let’s talk about how to make use of goal setting in a more specific manner. There are basically a lot of uses for it and the number of things that you can use it on usually depends on the creativity of the goal setter. If you are not that creative or you’d like a quick guide on where to use smart goal setting, then I won’t prolong your agony any longer.

Uses of Goal Setting: Homework and Projects

Goal setting can be used in completing projects and assignments. This can be applied both in school and work as well as personal projects. You can especially make use of scheduling to set specific times of the day that you could use to dedicate it for completing your project. You can also make use of planning to help you get a clear picture of how you’ll do the project such as a step by step process on the process if for example you’re going to make a scrapbook or a report. The tips in goal setting such as to have motivation and have supporters will also come in handy to keep you going at your homework, projects, or personal goals.