Goal Setting: A Tip on Stress

Goal Setting: A tip on Stress

In achieving goals, it cannot be avoided that one gets stressed. How do you deal with this? Here’s a nice tip that is especially applicable for people with pets such as cats and dogs.

Basically, when you feel stressed and you feel like you can’t handle it anymore, take a break from whatever you’re doing or once you get home, spend some time with your pet. Let loose and ruffle your pet’s fur. Play with it, snuggle with it, whatever. Just spend some quality happy time with him or her and guaranteed, after a few minutes of just doing this, you’ll be happier. In fact, you might not even feel the stress anymore.

If you don’t have a pet at home, then what you can do is go find yourself a dog or cat to pet. And I don’t mean you should casually pet someone else’s dog. Make sure to ask permission first and make sure the owner and the pet is okay with it. You could go to dog parks or to pet stores or pet cafes.

You see, the stress in goal setting is something inevitable so being able to pet a furry and warm animal such as a dog will really help you relax. It is a fact, after all, that dogs are therapeutic.

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