Worries in Goal Setting

It cannot be helped that in life, we encounter worries that hinder our sleeping time. This is also experienced by a goal setter if he is actively trying to achieve his goals in life. In this case, worries may be due to uncertainties with attaining the goal, completing tasks, or solving a particularly new problem. What should you do if it takes you longer to sleep now because of these worries?

There are basically two things that you can employ. One of these is relaxation. It is suggested to do this before you hit the sack so that you will already have a clear and relaxed mind before you actually sleep. That way, you won’t be able to think of your worries in achieving goals anymore. Now, how do you do this?

There are various ways to do relaxation but the most common method is to start with breathing. If you do yoga, you can do that as well since it does provide a lot of relaxation and calmness. Now, for the breathing exercise, first you need to be in a comfortable position. It can be sitting or lying down as long as your limbs and body parts are spread open and not exerting any effort to be in its position. Also, make sure not to overlap body parts so that there won’t be any tention. Then, once you’ve got the position down, you now need to focus on breathing. It’s basically just deep inhale, 10 second pause, deep exhale. Do this for about five minutes. If you want some variety and to make it more effective, while breathing, you could think of a nice calm place such as on a mountain peak. Then, imagine yourself being in that place and think about what it would feel like if you were there. Once you’ve thought about what you and your body would feel being there, take a last round of breathing, open your eyes, and go to bed.

Tune in next time for the second thing that you can do to be rid of too much worries in the goal setting process.